Why HyperComments?

The HyperComments system, hosted and powered by hypercomments.com, makes for meaningful context remarks, nested and topicated respectively to facilitate further discussions.

Logical breakdown of both standard and HyperComments is inviting to a reader, provide a larger scope, better readability – helping one to make sense of it all, nothing short of your conversational counterpart 'mind-reading'.

HyperComments technology allows making linear comments on the whole of the text or hypercommenting texts by a specific word or phrase, even commenting images and pictures.

It is a very easy way, allowing:

  • Increase of the number of comments;
  • Upholding author and reader in the loop of positive feedback;
  • Dynamic step-up in the conversion rate of views by comments made possible by a miscellanea of topics;
  • Essential quality improvement of reader-interaction with texts on your web-site, leading to a more profound and thought-provoking elaborations.

HyperComments is featuring:

  • In-depth interaction with text;
  • Topicated comments miscellanea;
  • Real-time visibility of 'same page' readers, real-time survey of responses to your comments;
  • Tree-structure and nesting view of comments;
  • Powerful moderation and administration tools across the board;
  • Full spam filtering, blacklists and whitelists, removing, restoring, moderator-responses;
  • Analytics, breakdown of HyperComments rate vs. standard comments, rating comments by date, time and type;
  • Streamlining Google and \ or Yandex retrieval by search indexing.

Technically speaking:

HyperComments Development Team implemented messaging and notes-exchange with the help of JavaScript technology. Websocket or Long Polling have been utilized to provide versatility for various browsers usage. The HyperComments widget is consistently functional in IE starting from version 9, and the server-part having been programmed with the cuttting-edge communications runtime system Erlang.