Combined widget

The code of combined widget Mixstream must be inserted into HTML code of the page. With this widget you can display the latest comments from your website and the list of the most commented pages.

The standard code of the combined widget is following:

<div id="hypercomments_mix"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
_hcwp = window._hcwp || [];
_hcwp.push({widget:"Mixstream", widget_id: WIDGET_ID, template: "index", filter:"all",limit:5 ,default_filter:"last"});
(function() {
if("HC_LOAD_INIT" in window)return;
HC_LOAD_INIT = true;
var lang = (navigator.language || navigator.systemLanguage || navigator.userLanguage ||  "en").substr(0, 2).toLowerCase();
var hcc = document.createElement("script"); hcc.type = "text/javascript"; hcc.async = true;
hcc.src = ("https:" == document.location.protocol ? "https" : "http")+"://"+lang+"/widget.js";
var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
s.parentNode.insertBefore(hcc, s.nextSibling);

, where

  • WIDGET_ID - Your widget ID

You can get your widget code in the admin panel "Settings"-"Widgets".

Widget settings

To configure the comments widget you need to add configuration settings into the array object _hcpw from the widget code. For example:

_hcwp = window._hcwp || [];
_hcwp.push({widget:"Mixstream", widget_id: WIDGET_ID, SETTINGS_KEY: SETTINGS_VALUE});

, where

  • SETTINGS_KEY - the name of widget settings option
  • SETTINGS_VALUE - the value of widget settings option


Widget configuration settings
Option Values By default Description
filter "all", "last", "popular" all Allows to set modification of the widget "last" - widget of last comments, "popular" - widget of popular articles, "all" - combined widget
default_filter "last", "popular" last Combined widget will be displayed by default. (This option acts only with filter=all is set).
limit 1-100 5 Allows to set the number of comments or articles to be displayed in the widget.
css Address of css file null Allows to load css file to change the widget themes.