Meet HyperComments!
All the best for reader interaction with the text.
Increase reader’s engagement. Allow to comment on a part of a text.
Increase loyal traffic to your site using quotations with backlinks.
Engage readers in a live conversation.
HyperComments features

HyperComments Widget
Real time mode
All comments are published in real time, readers can view comments straight away without refreshing a page.
HyperComments allows users to use authorization system of your site. Your users will be able to leave comments under their own name..
Adaptive design
The widget is developed using HTML5 technology and is completely adapted for all screen sizes of smartphones, tablets and monitors.
Individual design
You can choose from available widget themes one that fits your website design or upload your own CSS file..
8 more features

HyperComments admin panel
Real time moderation
Allows to control the conversation on your website and quickly respond to your readers messages.
Dictionary of restricted words
Pre-made dictionary of restricted words. Comments containing these words will require moderator approval before being published.
Anti-spam protection
For more effective anti-spam protection, we have developed an intelligent anti-spam system. Also, Akismet users have the ability to turn on Akismet in the admin panel.
Powerful analytic
Provides all information on comments, authors and moderator activity. It highlights the most discussed and read parts of the text.
4 more features

HyperComments anti-spam protection
Intelligent anti-spam
Anti-spam protection self-learning assistant.
Once you mark a comment as SPAM, the system will automatically remember your action. The same or similar comments will be marked as SPAM automatically.

In the same way you can mark comments that are not SPAM.Oracle will skip those messages and they will be published..
HyperComments benefits
Best speed Convenient real-time moderation Backlinks generator Intelligent anti-spam
It is so easy to install HyperComments. It will only take a couple of minutes of your time
1) Import existing comments to HyperComments
2) Install HyperComments to your platform: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger or just copy the universal code.